Version 1.0 - Promotion

Ads have long been a part of print publications, such as magazines and newspapers, and now they essentially have the same role in online periodicals and publications. In recent years, Advertising has become the main Marketing source for many Companies Not going too long time Digital advertising also take the major place in that part of advertising and promotions. Ahura Lab was design for certainty people audience, who concerning about wedding life, and Events.It’s Maybe supplier or Client. In this scenario, we have a plane to implement the solution with for the provider’s sales force to make effective improvements in their revenues. Unfortunately, it's not available with this version (Version 1.0). Because we need to do behavior analyses on the website. Without taking a long time Ahura lab will release Version 2.0 with that feature. If you have any questions and inquiries regarding this, contact Via our Contact Us form.Thanks.