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Hela Siritha .lk starts as a Web Wedding Platform in the evolutionary of web platforms in 2020 by a project of Ahura Labs – Library Platform. “Ahura Lab” is Researching and Concept Development Small Organization in Sri Lanka. Hela Siritha is Sri Lankan’s first web platform specifically dedicated to organize and provide what’s need for wedding and event. Anyone can view this site contents and anyone can come and register as Client or Provider. If you are registered as Client you will be able to make reviews and give feedback to Providers and their services. The ad also you will be able to react to the provider's activity as Smile or Aggressive. And you can ask any questions from the audience by writing questions on the FAQ page. If you are resisted as Provider you will be able to submit your event activities and your promotional contents as features. And also you can react to other user's activities the same as clients. and answer to users faq.

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